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Road freight

Offers operative and high-quality international freight forwarding and logistics service, delivering cargo from door to door, offering our clients the best rates and fastest delivery terms

Ocean freight

We offer flexible freight forwarding services by sea, ready to find the best solutions, meeting individual needs. We provide various international sea transport services, based on our client's business goals

Air freight

Freight forwarding by air, is the fastest and safest method of transportation. Exact delivery terms enable to deliver urgent, perishable or hazardous cargoes to/from any country in the world.

Oversized transportation

Oversized cargo transportation is an especially complicated type of freight forwarding, which demands special, reliable equipment, permissions, prior agreements, specially-trained drivers and sometimes — cargo escort.

Warehousing and distribution

Warehousing logistics is one of the most important parts of the entire logistics process: its purpose is to ensure appropriate accounting, protection and timely delivery of your cargo

Customs brokerage

You don't need to worry about filling any customs documents, customs taxes and other procedures. Save your precious time and leave all these issues to our customs brokerage team